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Now we are a part of the Fernite of Sheffield Group

Since November 2020, Mastercut Cutting Systems has become a division of the Fernite of Sheffield Group. Fernite are a UK manufacturing business based in Sheffield. There are decades of experience in producing industrial machine knives and providing excellent sharpening services to customers across the UK and globally. Fernite are an award-winning, ISO accredited company manufacturing popular and customised machine knives for various industries.

Now all Mastercut customers can enjoy even greater range of products for the food, paper, plastic, and rubber industries. Fernite team that specialise in developing bespoke products is always happy to solve customers’ individual cutting problems. Also, Fernite’s dedicated technical department will be able to assist Mastercut customers.

Fernite permanently invest in new technologies and materials research. Therefore, all customers struggling to process a difficult material or cutting application can find the best solution.

Please visit the website https://fernite.co.uk/

How to choose Metal guillotine blade sharpening service

Have you ever sharpened a kitchen knife? If so, then you know how many things can go wrong and even the knife’s edge can get spoilt. To feel confident that your knife is a razor sharp it is better to use your local knife sharpening expert.

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It’s the same when choosing a machine knives sharpening service provider. Do some research and make sure you choose a professional, so you can feel confident that your knives will be returned with precision sharpened edges. Sharpening and grinding them requires experience, understanding, “feel”. They may look like identical long metal bars; but each one has a unique application and features. It is vital to have the product knowledge and modern sharpening equipment to turn every knife to the original manufacturer’s specifications.

The importance of choosing a good blade sharpener
There are several key points that every guillotine shear blade sharpening service provider must follow. We know about them and always use the right grinding stone and the correct cooling system during the process. This delivers the precise sharpness of the edges and no impact on the blades characteristics.

  • Right grinding stone
    Made of hard steel guillotine shear blades require a soft grinding stone. Otherwise, grinding hard steel blades with a hard stone can overheat the blades, bend them, alter the hardness, or can crack the blades. Our programmable sharpening machine regulates how much material we take off and then just slightly touching the blade during the sharpening process.
  • The correct cooling
    It is important to have the correct cooling system with the right concentration of oil. Too weak solution would rust the blades, but a strong one can stain the blades with residue. We regularly check the oil concentration with a refractometer.
  • Technical experience
    During shear blades sharpening process their sharpness level is checked manually. That is why it is important that the technician carrying out this task is highly experienced. During shear blades sharpening we make four turning to sharpen both flat surfaces and both edges of the guillotine shear blades. Our technician monitors the machine throughout all this process. This is essential because occasionally the cooling system might fail and cause blades overheating and hardness alteration. Also, the grinding stone can break and damage the blade.
    After the sharpening process we always inspect the blades, check their parallelity, and demagnetize them.

Actions you must avoid to keep your blades sharp for longer
Blade sharpness is extremely important in order to achieve top quality cuts. Dull blades increase the cutting pressure and leave ragged edges. To receive durability from guillotine shear blades it is essential to check their limit cutting capacity, because shearing excessively hard metals can cause chipping of the blades. Avoiding several pour cutting practices will also keep shear blades sharp for longer:
• shearing metal across burnt edges can chip or crack the blades
• shearing round bar can crack or even deform the blades
• shearing with improper blade clearance settings might leave burred edges or a double cut

Creating a steady sharpening routine without searching every time online At Mastercut Cutting Systems we continually improve technology and expand our manufacturing workshop. Our facilities allow sharpening blades and knives from all steel grades.

Additionally, after sales support provides technical advice and information for all types of industrial knife queries. Technical experts at MASTERCUT can estimate the average sharpening cycle of your industrial knife to offer you a total care service. After you discuss with our specialists the operational cycle and the workload of your industrial knife our engineers assess its sharpening service frequency so we collect your machine knife from your premises at estimated periods for re-sharpening. Throughout our contracting, you will always have your industrial knife ready to use, do not need to keep records about next due sharpness, and thus save on man-hours, administrative job, and time management.

With our sharpening service you will never be stopped by your blunted cutting tools.

To discuss our after sales service options further please phone us on 01246 860811 or email us info@mastercut.co.uk.