Granulator Blade Sharpening Service

We provide granulator blade sharpening for almost all makers and models. MASTERCUT technicians sharpen and grind fixed bed knives, rotating fly knives, helical knives, straight and ‘V’ tooth.

Dull granulator blade blotch plastic instead of sharp cutting, it also increases vibration, fines, waste level. To achieve perfect cutting results every time and decrease the wear factor on a granulator, the blades should be maintained in sharp conditions. Regular sharpening service would also allow to keep used blades over purchasing the new ones at a significant cost.

The lack of maintenance can lead to a poor quality granulate with excessive fines and high dust content in the material and in the plant environment. However, regular blades changes and correct setting can help to ensure a good result.

You can monitor the quality of the regrind by yourself in a very simple way. Firstly, collect the regrind material and look at its consistency. Are the pieces all roughly about the same size? How do they compare with the size of the pellets you are using? Secondly, drop the material back into the container and see how much dust and fines remain on your hand as a result. Certainly, for a well operating granulator it should not be much.

We offer granulator blade sharpening with precision performance ensuring clear cuts, correct fit, and durability.

  • The company has sharpening capabilities up to 6 meters long
  • Correct sharpening abrasive for your blade that doesn’t produce overheat
  • Sharpening of Granulator Blade models made of Carbon, Alloy, and Tungsten Tipped steels
  • Sharpening and grinding blades with any angle and profile
  • If required a Granulator Blade can be finish ground to profile

To significantly increase granulator blade life we suggest special coatings or cryogenic treatment after sharpening or grinding. Blade coatings will greatly improve wear resistance and help prevent against other materials sticking to the blades. Cryogenic treatment improves not just the edge but the whole structure of the blade.

If you would like to get more information about our granulator blade sharpening services please use the form on the right of this page or call us +44 (0) 1246 860811. However, if you think you need to replace you blade and get a new one then read more about our granulator blades and knives manufacture.

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