Granulator Blade Sharpening Service

The most common problems with poor quality plastic cutting Granulator Blades are increased noise, vibration, fines, and building excessive heat. Dull granulator blades blotch plastic instead of sharp cuts and increase a waste level.

Keeping all granulator blades, bed knives and rotating knives, sharp decreases dust, provides the best-processed materials and significantly decreases wear on the granulator. Maintaining granulator blades in sharp conditions allows to achieve perfect cutting results with used blades at a significant cost savings over new blades.

We sharpen and grind Granulator Blades for precision performance ensuring clear cuts, correct fit, and durability.

Almost all makes and models of granulator blades can be resharpened by our company. MASTERCUT sharpens and grinds all granulator knives including fixed bed knives, rotating fly knives, helical knives, straight and ‘V’ tooth.

  • The company has sharpening capabilities up to 6 meters long
  • Correct sharpening abrasive for your blade that doesn’t produce overheat
  • Sharpening of Granulator Blades made of Carbon, Alloy, and Tungsten  Tipped steels
  • Sharpening and grinding of blades with any angle and profiler
  • If required Granulator Blades can be finish ground to profile

During sharpening / grinding process single or double bevel circular knives are located either by arbor or direct on the knife carrier shaft and the rate at which the rotating blade is fed into the wheel can be precisely monitored. Circular Knives with two bevels (on either side) have both bevels ground simultaneously thus enabling their exact matching after the process.

At Mastercut we provide accurate grinding / sharpening of circular knives with all grinding angles (positive or negative), height and diameter adjustments. We always provide high quality professional sharpening and finish of Circular Knives up to individual requirements. We understand that every Circular Knife application has a different level of requirements and only together with a customer we can deliver the desirable sharpening result.

To significantly increase granulator blade life we suggest special coatings or cryogenic treatment after sharpening or grinding. This will greatly improve blade wear resistance.

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