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In the end of 2021, Fernite grouped all their divisions manufacturing machine knives together under Fernite Machine Knives brand. The company name renamed as Fernite of Sheffield Limited.

At the same time, the company moved to a new purpose-built manufacturing facility at Dorehouse Business Park in Sheffield.  This 3,300 sq m factory will enable Fernite to further increase manufacturing capabilities and service offering to all valued customers.

Since November 2020, Mastercut Cutting Systems is a division of Fernite of Sheffield Ltd. Fernite are an award-winning, ISO accredited, UK manufacturing business based in Sheffield. Moreover, there are several decades of experience in industrial knives production and grinding among Fernite experts.

The company Mastercut Cutting Systems Ltd stocks and manufactures to order a wide range of Industrial Blades and Knives. These knives can suit to machinery in different industries: paper, plastic, rubber, wood, metal, textile.

Over 15 years ago our company introduced EDM technologies in the form of Ona E400 and E900 EDM machines to produce some of the more complex and intricate knife shapes that customers were demanding. Therefore, they could help to all customers even with the most complicated applications.

Later the company upgraded technology in the form of Accutex AU600i EDM machine which allows greater accuracy at almost three times faster than previously. This considerably increased their production rate and provided them with an extra capacity to take on more value-added products. Thus, offering to customers the most competitive low prices on the market.

In May 2015, Mastercut Cutting Systems Ltd acquired the assets and business of machine knives division of North Shield Grinding Ltd. This purchase includes replacement blades supply and sharpening services for the companies on the North of England…Read more

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