Guillotine Shear Blades

We are Guillotine Shear Blades suppliers of an extensive range Adira, Bosco, Haco, Imal, Casanova, Cincinnati,  Morgan, Pratt, Amada shear blades, and many more blades and spares. Our mechanical and hydraulic shear blades are available in single-edge, two-edge, four-edge, and bowtie configurations. In addition, MASTERCUT supplies different configurations of Corner Shear Blades.

To find your blade please download our PDF catalogue of Guillotine Shear Blades and Knives. We listed our shear blades in different alloy grades to suit your application. If you do not find your shear blades in the catalogue please contact us, as we can always manufacture them for you.

The main questions we have come across:

Can you manufacture special design shear blades?

Yes, we make durable metal and steel cutting blades from custom drawings and sketches. As a global shear blades suppliers we hold drawings for many international shear blades, so to find your required one please email us your inquiry. All our blades are made on CNC machinery and therefore provide predictable and uniform quality.

What is the common steel to make guillotine shear blades of?

Usually, we make them from alloy tool steel. They offer improved hardness, toughness, and wear resistance. However, depending on your application and cut material we can advise you the correct grade and temper of steel for your application.

Also, at the company’s facilities, we offer Guillotine Shear Blade sharpening and grinding service. Please follow the link to get more information about our sharpening service.

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Guillotine Shear Blade