Packaging Knives

Our Packaging Knives are ideal for bubble-wrap, cutting tape, any kind of Paper or Film packaging. They are also used in heavy duty Plastic packaging. All Packaging Knives are made of different materials and have various coating to suit customer requirements.

We supply a wide range of Packaging Knives for popular and bespoke machinery: Aquarius, Bosch, Cello, Cavanna, Colomatic, Cryovac, CSS, Dixi, Doboy, Eagle, ECM Mecaplastic, Endoline, Forgrove, FMC, Fuji, Gainsborough, General, Gram, Hassia, Hassia Redetron, Hayssen, Ilapak, Ishida, Kisters, Kustner, Little David, Meca Plastic, Meco Pak, Multivac, 3M , Omori, Padlocker, Prodo-Pak, R.A Jones, Rapidpak, Ricciarelli, Rovema, Sandiacre, Sapal, Sasib, Scancoin, SuperVac, Swissvac, Technosys, Tetra-Pack, Tiromat, TNA, Triangle, Ulma, Wrights, Variovac, Vegatronic, VC999.