Plastic Granulator Blades

Plastic cutting Granulator Blades and Knives are manufactured by MASTERCUT in a wide range of popular and custom-made designs for the plastic recycling, manufacturing, and converting industries. Edwards, Cumberland, and Rapid granulator blades and among the most popular from our wide range.

We manufacture plastic Granulator Blades and Knives in various steel grades:

  • High Carbon High Chrome
  • High Speed Steel
  • Tungsten Carbide Tipped
  • Nickel Chrome Superalloys

If you would like to read about advantages of using these steel grades please follow the link.

MASTERCUT is also among the main global granulator blades suppliers. Blades for various machinery Bruno, Conair, Dragon, Erema, McIntyre, Rapid, Tia, Vecoplan, Zerma, and many more are available for an immediate shipping.

A combination of the type of the granulator, the size of the cutting chamber, the number of knives, and the quality of plastic affects the speed and the outcome of the granulation. Therefore, granulating different plastic materials requires Granulator Blades with different parameters. We recommend the correct steel grade for every specific application. In addition, we offer advice on rotor and stationary granulator blades and knives geometry, proceed various heat treatments and coatings.

MASTERCUT offers very sharp film granulator blades made of high quality hardened and tempered tool steel. As a result, these blades are able for cutting PE – PP – PET – HD films more efficiently and without pulling.

At MASTERCUT we keep blades in stock to supply you with a new blade whenever you need it. Also, Mastercut Cutting Systems Ltd offers comprehensive granulator blade sharpening service. We regrind and sharpen blades from various steel grades, in different conditions, with any angle and profile. In addition, hard surfaced blades are also finish ground to profile.

Our customers have asked:

What is the right material for granulator blades that can crush at least 100 tons of PET bottles before sharpening?

We have several customers producing Flake from PET Milk bottles using our blades. Typical performance with a good European machine is 175 tons per week between regrinds. We make these Granulator blades from HCHC vacuum Hardened and double press tempered to Rc 55/57. Please notice, the correct cutting angle geometries also play important role.

Granulator Blades