Sharpening Circular Knives

We are sharpening single/double bevel circular knives of all designs and sizes up to 600mm in diameter. Knives with two bevels (on either side) have both bevels ground simultaneously thus enabling their exact matching after sharpening. During the sharpening process, circular knives are located directly on the knife carrier shaft and the rate at which the rotating blade is fed into the wheel can be precisely monitored. The main features of our knives grinding/sharpening facilities are:

  • Automatic grounded wheel feed
  • Rotating and tilting head
  • Knife carrier shaft with speed regulator

We understand that every application has a different level of requirements and only together with a customer we can deliver the desired outcome of sharpening circular knives. To provide long-lasting results we use natural diamond abrasives for grinding very hard superalloys knives. However, borazon abrasives are used effectively on hardened steels because of their strong abrasive properties. We also use borazon when customer application requires a higher degree of accuracy.

At Mastercut we provide accurate sharpening of circular knives with all grinding angles (positive or negative), height, and diameter adjustments. We always provide high-quality professional sharpening.

Also we supply Circular machine Knives  in various steel grades. Please contact us to discuss your knives application and sharpening service requirements.

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