Granulator Knives

We manufacture fly and static Granulator Knives for all types and sizes of granulators.

  • We make granulator knives with different hardness and bevel configuration (keen edge, reverse bevel, high shear, hook fly) to match granulator knives performance with each application
  • To withstand corrosion and plastic deformation of the knives we apply various heat treatments (computer controlled)
  • Coatings that ensure rust and abrasion resistance of the knives are also available on customer demand
  • The angle of the cutting edge depends on the type of machine and sort of waste material

Additionally, we stock an extensive range of Granulator Knife models for all well-known brands like CUMBERLAND, RAPID, ZERMA, BLACKFRIARS, CONAIR, DRAGON, EREMA, FALZONI, PALLMANN, SOREMA, VECOPLAN, POLYMER, LINDNER, GRIZZELY, ELDAN, HERBOLO, and more. Because we keep an extensive stock of Granulator Blades, many models are available for immediate shipment. Please contact us to get information about required granulator knife.

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You can monitor the quality of the regrind by yourself in a very simple way. Firstly, collect the regrind material and look at its consistency. Are the pieces all roughly about the same size? How do they compare with the size of the pellets you are using? Secondly, drop the material back into the container and see how much dust and fines remain on your hand as a result. Certainly, for a well operating granulator it should not be much.

Our customers have asked:

Do you make tungsten carbide tipped granulator rotor knives?

Yes, we make tungsten tipped knives. There are two different methods: either apply carbide coating by spraying additional layers onto the surface or braze tungsten carbide insert onto the cutting edge of a granulator blade.

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