Granulator Knives

We manufacture fly and static Granulator Knives for all types and sizes of granulators. Recycling is one of the most difficult cutting application, because of processing various materials. Subsequently, this might cause premature wear and even chipping of granulator knives. Therefore, during our manufacturing process we make every knife

  • with different hardness and bevel configuration (keen edge, reverse bevel, high shear, hook fly) to match granulator knives performance with each application.
  • using enhanced heat treatments to reduce corrosion and plastic deformation.
  • applying special coatings to ensure rust and abrasion resistance of knives.
  • matching cutting edge geometry with your application to resolve wear or breakage issues.
Do you make tungsten carbide tipped granulator rotor knives?

Yes, we make tungsten tipped knives. There are two different methods: either apply carbide coating by spraying additional layers onto the surface or braze tungsten carbide insert onto the cutting edge of a granulator blade.

Additionally, we stock an extensive range of Granulator Knives for all well-known brands. Blackfriars, Conair, Cumberland, Rapid, Dragon, Erema, Sorema, Vecoplan, Lindner, Eldan, Zerma are available for immediate shipment. If your model is not listed please contact us as we have a wide stock range.

Follow the link to get more information about our plastic, rubber and film cutting Granulator Blades.


Sometimes, our customers ask us ‘ What are the main problems of a granulation process? ‘ However, it is not a simple answer. It is a combination of a granulator type, size of a cutting chamber, characteristics of your knife, and quality of plastic that affect the outcome granules. Therefore, granulating different materials requires Granulator Knives with different parameters. We recommend the correct steel grade for every specific application. Above all, if you require, our technicians can give an advise on rotor and stationary granulator blade and knife models geometry, various heat treatments, and coatings.

In addition, we provide a comprehensive sharpening and grinding.  Please follow the link if you would like to get more information about our granulator blade sharpening services.

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