Metal Slitter Blades

We manufacture metal cutting Circular Slitter Blades using the latest technology and production techniques. We know that our customers use our slitter knives to cut materials from aluminum to bronze and laminated metal. Therefore, we manufacture circular blades from various steel grades, using a variety of standard and unique alloy grades that comply with the steel industry requirements.

At MASTERCUT we know that steel hardness has a direct influence on a blade performance. This results in decreased regrind cycles, longer runs, and higher-quality slit edges. That is why we offer our customers slitter blades with hardness from 40 to 70 HRC for different applications.

We manufacture our circular slitter blades from M2, D2, and other alloys depending on their usage and customer requirements. If you are not confident which hardness and steel grade is right for your application, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will access your slitting process and advise you on choosing a steel grade with optimum hardness and toughness for your application.

To meet your slitting needs all of our blades are heat-treated to achieve the proper grain structure and optimal mechanical properties. We produce knives with precise parallelism and surface finish with always inspecting them before shipping.

We also supply ready-made metal cutting circular slitter blades

  1. suit a broad range of machinery and applications
  2. have a diameter from 20mm to 600mm
  3. with various bevel angles
  4. offered with different numbers/diameters of holes

If you are interested in Circular Slitter Blades please send us your inquiry. We answer most of the emailed inquiries within 24 hours, but if yours is urgent please phone us 01246 860811.

We also offer sharpening services for metal cutting circular slitter blades. Please follow the link to get more information about it.


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