Guillotine Blade

We manufacture and distribute standard and custom-designed Guillotine Blade models. Generally, guillotine blades can be used by a variety of industries like packaging, metal cutting, wood industry, food processing, rubber industry. We even have a customer using our guillotine blade at an ice skating rink to cleave away old ice.  

Our blades and knives can be manufactured according to customer requests. Depending upon the application the blades are manufactured from different steel grades, have different heat treatments, coatings, and designs.

Guillotine blades used in various industries are mostly presented by two major patterns: one with a bevel to make precise and accurate cuts and another having a rectangular shape for cutting hard materials. Usually, blades with the first one are more often used in the printing industry, and blades with the second shape are called Guillotine Shear Blades and used in the metallurgical industry.

Guillotine Blades for the printing industry:

Guillotine Blades and Trimmer Knives
We offer blades with the various number of holes and bevels. If your guillotine blade is damaged contact us and we will sharpen or replace your blade. We keep many models of blades ready for immediate shipping. To see them all, please download our PDF catalogue of blades and knives for the print industry. 


Guillotine Shear Blades for the metallurgical industry:
Guillotine Shear Blade

From that page, you can download our catalogue of guillotine shear blades. Also, you will find answers to some previous questions we had.

Depending on your application we offer guillotine blades with different dimensions and parameters.  If you need a custom-designed guillotine blade, please email us your drawing, sketch, or written specification. We know about various bespoke and popular industrial guillotine blade designs from all over the world.

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