Shear Blade Grinding

The frequency of sheet metal shear blade grinding depends upon the operational cycle, a workload of the blade, and the shearing material. During the shearing process the material is sheared along the whole length. That is why a shear blade interacts with the cutting material a lot. A dull metal cutting Guillotine Shear Blade has to penetrate the material further requiring a deeper force. Additionally, a blade with small cracks or lost sharpness leaves a less desirable cut.

Cut quality is directly proportional to the sharpness of a shear blade. It is vital to know whether you shear blade has the reversible edges. If this is the case, then you can turn the blade over, and have the benefits of a total of 4 cutting edges. However, if the blades have been flipped before, then you have to sharpen them.

Use our shear blade grinding service and we will sharpen both surfaces and all four cutting edges of your blades, so you can flip/rotate the blades later.

Shear blade grinding
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