Paper Packaging Knives

Our Packaging Knives effectively cut corrugated cardboard, brown paper, wrapping tissue, envelops, and wallpaper. At MASTERCUT we provide V-Tooth, Scalloped Tooth, Serrated Tooth, Zig Zag, and Knife & Anvil sets of Packaging Knives. Straight, circular, or toothed, our Packaging Knives are manufactured to strict guidance using only the finest steel.

Packaging Knives at MASTERCUT are made of different materials and manufactured in various grades to suit customers requirements. On demand these knives can be Tin or Teflon coated.

From our large range of Packaging Knives, Rovema type perforated cut blades are the most popular. They suit Horizontal Bag, Hot Crimp, weigh, and cut machines. Typical use for confectionary bagging with a heat-sealed crimped top and bottom with a serrated cut sealed end (can be manufactured with a tear strip facility to ease user entry to the sealed bag). Rovema type straight cut apex form knife with ‘Tear strip’ facility is applied for Horizontal bagging machine with hot crimp seal facility (as perforated knife pictured above).

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