Rotary Circular Knives

At MASTERCUT we offer paper cutting Rotary Circular Knives of excellent quality from long-life materials. Either you are looking for standard replacement or specially designed knives made to your own sketch, we can deliver it. If you need circular knives with either toothed, or scalloped, or serrated, or even more complex tooth form edges we can design and manufacture them for you.

Our experts can help you to design a blade that is appropriate for your application: help to choose steel material, hardness, coating. We supply our rotary circular knives and blades in a wide range of thickness and diameters (from 20 mm up to 600 mm). Also we offer rotary circular knives with different  numbers and diameters of holes, and bevel angles. We are happy to provide circular blades with hardness within 40 to 70 HRC according to your need.

Above all, we can manufacture and supply circular blades for various industries worldwide. Click on the appropriate link below to find out about our:


Please use the form on this page to enquire about our rotary circular knives for cutting rubber and plastic. Alternatively, please email your enquiery to us Our technical experts will contact you to discuss further your exact requirements to provide you the best cutting solution.

rotary circular knives