Circular Dished Knives

At MASTERCUT we supply Circular Dished Knives for the textile and carpet industries. For example, these knives can be used for bleached fabrics, cotton, denim, felt, flannel, knitted fabrics, mesh, muslin, nonwoven textiles, nylon, ribbons, silk, synthetics, vinyl, wool, and many more.

Most of our Circular Dished Knives have standard double or single sided bevel and scalloped edge. However, if you require a special solution we are able to manufacture a circular knife on your request.

MASTERCUT Circular Knives have a slit edge of the high quality. We can supply circular knives in the wide range of diameters 60 – 250 mm. For cutting adhesive materials we offer Polished top or Teflon coated dished knives in diameter 60 – 110 mm.