Steel Grades used for Industrial Blades

We manufacture industrial blades from various grades of steel to satisfy each customer application. Please choose an appropriate cutting blade material for your application from the list below:

Generally cutting paper, plastic, rubber, textile, and wood

Standard Steel blades are well known for their hardness, ability to resist deformations, and long-term service. These blades perform precise cutting and slitting if regularly sharpened. Therefore, if you require infrequent cutting or jobs with less quality issues consider this blade material.

Alloy Tool Steel contains additional alloying elements compare to Standard Steel. Therefore, blades made out of Alloy Tool Steel offer improved hardness, toughness, and wear resistance.


Cutting paper, plastic, film

Hardened and Tempered Stainless Steel types 420/440 B blades have a high carbon content that increase hardness, improve strength and wear resistance. Because of the steel hardening process these blades are resistance to any food or water with mild alkaloids or acids. As a result this cutting blade material is the best choice for applications within the Packaging Industry.


Cutting paper (cost effective!), plastic, rubber, textile, wood, and metal 

High Carbon High Chrome blades provide excellent hardness and wear resistance. Another well known property of High Carbon High Chromium blades is a corrosion resistance. These blades stay sharp longer and hold an edge better than blades made out of Standard Steel. However, blades made out of HCHC steel are more difficult to sharpen.

High Speed Steel blades are able to withstand continuous use and heat created from the friction of fast moving cutting tools. Our HSS blades contain 6% or 18% tungsten at RC 62-63 which is significantly increases blade life compare with a standard quality.

Sintered Alloy Steel is prepared by powder technology to get materials with a high level of purity and controlled uniform porosity. Due to this, sintered alloy blades have high strength and serve long-term service under alternating loads application.

Tungsten Carbide Tipped blades are known for being sharp, durable, and sustain significant loads. These extremely sharp blades cut plastic and paper in a variety of industrial applications.


Using in recycling industry for cutting abrasive materials 

Nickel Chrome Superalloys cutting blades mainly used in cutting plastic and even car batteries. Being made of pre-hardened tool steels Toolox 33 or Toolox 44 Nickel Chrome Superalloys blades are highly resistant to work deformation. These qualities are vital when working with corrosive materials with harder embedded impurities.


Crushing and cutting timber products

Chipper Steel demonstrates very good toughness and wear resistance properties. The main application of this air hardened 8% Chrome steel is mainly in manufacturing chipper and flaker knives.


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