Tungsten Carbide blades manufacturing

Tungsten is a very hard metal that is often brittle and hard to work with. When used alone tungsten is vulnerable to scratches and damages.  Alloying tungsten with carbon greatly increases its toughness, but still remains high level of hardness around 9 on the Moh’s hardness scale. It is almost three times as dense as iron, almost twice that of lead, and virtually the same as gold. Thus, tungsten carbide blades are suitable for companies with high production cutting applications and needing uniform quality cuts.

While tungsten carbide is much more wear resistant and several times denser than steel, it is also more susceptible to breakage. For many years Tungsten Carbide has been used in manufacturing large knives, however, using it for production of thin blades is much more complicated.

The benefits of tungsten carbide blades include

  • Leaving a better surface finish of the product
  • Less dust and more accurate cuts due to reduced friction
  • Better efficiency in high-heat and high-speed applications
  • Improved toughness and greater wear resistance
  • Better durability of the cutting edge.

At Mastercut Cutting Systems we supply various Tungsten Carbide blades: Granulator Blades, Shredder Blades, Paper Guillotine Knives, and Circular Blades. If you need another blade or knife made out of tungsten carbide please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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