Shredder Blades

MASTERCUT manufactures Shredder Blades for the plastic, rubber and tyre recycling industries.

We offer single shaft Shredder Blades that withstand demands of continuous operation in a wide range of applications. To achieve this, our experts design Shredder Blade or Knife for each unique shredding application. We offer cutting crowns, shredder blocks, and counter knives.

MASTERCUT manufactures Shredder Blades from high alloyed tool steel, providing high wear resistance and mechanical burdening. If you would like to read more about steel alloys we use please follow the link.

We manufacture shredder blades

  • with hardness within 40 to 70 HRC according to your needs
  • heat treated to exact specifications
  • configure a shredder blade design from custom drawings

MASTERCUT also supplies the blades for various machinery, such as ZERMA, VECOPLAN, BANO, KUENY, WEIMA, SATURN GRIZZELY, ULSTER, DRAGON, LINDNER, ALKO, and many more different machines that are widely used for plastic, rubber and film recycling.

In addition, we supply tyre shredder blades that fit a variety of shredding machines.

We offer worldwide shipping of our standard size Shredder Blades. If you would like to get an advice or get a quote please send us your enquiry. We respond to all customers within 24 hours, but if you prefer to discuss your order please phone us 01246 860811.

Shredder Blades