Pelletizer Knives

Application of all types of pelletizers is to convert continuous strands of materials into small pellets. Later these pellets can be used either in future manufacturing or easily be recycled. Pelletizer knives have various specifications for working in different conditions.

MASTERCUT offers various types of Pelletizer Knives / Blades.

Due to a different number of holes/ slots, and dimensions these pelletizer knives suit to:

  • Strand Pelletizer
  • Dry die face Pelletizer with cooler takeoffs
  • Typical production: Recycling LPE – HDPE – Linear Film

We manufacture Pelletizer Knives from Stainless, Carbide, and Solid Steel on the company CNC machinery. Follow this link to read about steel grades we use at MASTERCUT.

Furthermore, various heat treatments can be performed upon customer requests. To improve even further wear resistance and mechanical burdening the company is now manufacturing not only from standard steel grades but also from innovative steel grades and alloys.

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