Pelletizer Blades

We manufacture and supply a wide range of Pelletizer Blades and Die Face cutter blades for many brands including Cikoplas, Erema, Berringer, Cumberland, and many others.

Manufactured from Stainless, Carbide, HSS, and Solid Steel on the company CNC machinery these blades have precision cutting edges. (To read about steel grades we use at MASTERCUT please follow the link). As a result we always make our blades to exact OEM standards. Our blades always have precision cutting edges and longer applications.

MASTERCUT offers Pelletizer Blades and Die Face cutter blades
  • with single / double bevels
  • with various numbers of holes and slots
  • in different dimensions and with various specifications

For example, industries converting polymers and abrasive materials would definitely benefit by using our pelletizer blades.

Additionally, upon customers request we can apply various heat treatments. To improve even further wear resistance and mechanical burdening the company is now manufacturing not only from standard steel grades but also from innovative steel grades and alloys.

Also we manufacture pelletizer blades and die face cutter blades from custom drawings and specifications. Please email us your requirements and we will help you to design and manufacture the blades.

For all enquiries please either submit the form on this page or telephone us +44(0) 1246 860811.


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Pelletizer blades