Packaging Knife Manufacturing

Our packaging knife manufacturing facility consist of modern CNC machinery and located at our main site in Chesterfield. We manufacture a large range of packaging knife models for various packaging applications. Our straight tooth knives for vertical form fill seal baggers, horizontal seal wrappers, and roll stock equipment are particularly popular. Due to their precision tooth forms our serrated tooth knives can cut all types of films. For example, these knives can proceed cutting tape, bubble-wrap, and any kind of film packaging.

Also, they are used in heavy duty plastic packaging. We have considerable expertise in packaging knife manufacturing. Either straight, circular, or toothed shaped knife can be designed and manufactured.

If you have specification or drawing for your Packaging Knife please contact us. We manufacture using only the finest steels:

  • high alloy steels
  • plain carbon steel
  • high carbon high chrome steels
  • HSS
  • tungsten carbide

Please follow the link to read about Steel Grades used at MASTERCUT. During packaging knife manufacturing process we can coat it with Tin or Teflon coating.  Therefore, considerably improving wear resistance and preventing adhering.

Packaging knife manufacturing