Mill Blades

Mill Blades are used for Head / Tail cropping, dividing, sampling or cutting to length. At MASTERCUT a broad range of Straight or Circular Mill Cutters manufactured specifically for an export distributor of steel mill equipment.

Among them are:

  • Plate Mill Blades for heavy duty shock resistant applications
  • Rod Mill Blades for cold and hot cutting
  • Mill Cropping Blades for hot and cold cutting of round, angle, square and special sections
  • Circular Blades for an edge trimming and strip slitting

High Temperature Blades for hot slab, billets, and concast systems
MASTERCUT offer a full range of Hot or Cold working rotary steel blades and Crop shear blades necessary for the efficient production of Steel Bar, high tensile bar and Rebar.

All milling cutters are manufactured at MASTERCUT from special steel grades of hot or cold working tool steels, stress relieved and heat treated to exacting tolerances ensuring consistency, therefore maximising mill throughput at least cost. At MASTERCUT we have the facility to produce Straight Mill Blades up to 6000 mm in length and Circular Mill Blades up to 650 mm diameter.

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