Shear Blade Sharpening and Re-grind

The frequency of Shear Blade sharpening depends upon the operational cycle, a workload of the blade, and the shearing material. The material is sheared along the whole length during the shearing process, and thus a shear blade interacts with the cutting material a lot. A dull Guillotine Shear Blade has to penetrate the material further requiring a deeper force. Blade with small cracks or lost sharpness leaves a less desirable cut.

Our experienced team turns every blunt metal shear blade to a new sharp edge.

  • We can regrind and resharpen blades up to 6 meters in length.
  • MASTERCUT provides a comprehensive shear blade sharpening and re-grind services from our premises in Chesterfield.
  • Being located in the heart of the UK allows us to serve customers almost across the whole country, providing collection and return services.

Sometimes, a blade is badly chipped or has been re-ground for more than 1 mm of the original manufactured thickness. This  ‘width’ reduction causes difficulties in fitting the blades, thus we will not advise shear blade sharpening service. In those cases, we offer a new set of a replacement guillotine shear blade. We offer shear blades that suit all worldwide shear machinery including Amada, Edwards-Pearson, Haco, Cincinnati etc.

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