Corner Shear / Corner Notcher Blades

Notching is a metal-cutting process used in precision sheet metal for corner shearing. The machines are rigid and simple to use, they are manufactured to meet industry set requirements. Designed for precise cutting works, there is an effective blade gap adjustment and other easy setting options. They are the best choice for workshops or manufacturing facilities.

Why use a corner notcher?

  • The corner shear blades make two cuts simultaneously at fixed 90-degree or variable angle
  • The cuts can start from the top of blades or from the base
  • They cut a thin metal that is not thicker than 16 gauge

The notcher is known by several different names: corner shear, corner notcher, square notcher, 90-degree notcher and even more. In spite, they all vary in size and capacity, they all have the same design 2 knives on the top and 2 knives on the bottom. During the notching process, the blades do not push through the material simultaneously, rather they cut like scissors.

All notcher blades have some form of a rake. Rake is defined is a rise from one blade to the other. Very handy for making cuts for metal boxes. The tool can also make small straight cuts or perhaps for making a decorative edge.

Blades on the corner notcher can be flipped and resharpened for extended blade life.

We manufacture Corner Shear Blades from D2 high carbon tool steel and other alloys according to our customer requirements in our well-equipped machine shop.

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