Another acquisition for MASTERCUT

In May 2015 Mastercut Cutting Systems Ltd acquired the assets and business of machine knives division of North Shield Grinding Ltd. This purchase includes replacement blades supply and sharpening services for the companies on the North of England. Now Mastercut Cutting Systems Ltd offers inclusive collection and return sharpening facility for the customers from that area. To shorten turnaround times for sharpening and manufacturing the company added the purchased machinery to its main facility in Chesterfield.

Mastercut Cutting Systems Ltd already provides comprehensive machine knife sharpening and grinding services of Guillotine Blades, Granulator Blades, Chipper Knives, Shear Blades and many more industrial knives and blades. Also, the company manufactures and supplies machine knives and blades to suit various industries.

The last acquisition is another step for MASTERCUT to improve its technology and increase production levels. This purchase brought to the company a new equipment. Thus providing additional capacity to complement the existing range of Reform/Gockel grinding and CNC machinery on the main Chesterfield work-floor.

Previously in 2008, Mastercut acquired Barker & England Ltd who had been manufacturing machine knives and blades for over 100 years.  The company acquired the ongoing business, machinery and stock to incorporate into expanded capacity.

“Our acquisition strategy allows us to improve our production facilities and to increase our market share of existing and new business,” – says Mick Fern the CEO of Mastercut Cutting Systems. “But at its heart all this is how to improve customer experience and products they buy from us.” As of the last acquisition, the company expects to serve more businesses on the North of England. Also, we are planning to progress our manufacturing for all customers.