Hook Shredder Blades

We offer metal hook shredder blades that can be equipped with different types of cutting systems: horizontal shaft, vertical shaft, single-shaft, two-shaft, three-shaft and four-shaft cutting systems. Therefore, our customers can use shredder blades for variable applications, e.g. shredding cables, aluminium, copper etc.

Knife design plays a critical role in how a shredder performs with a given type of material. Thus, the width of the shredder knife, the number of hooks per knife, the length and angle of the hooks are a few of the variables to consider.

When sending an inquiry about hook shredder blades, please note:

  • number of hooks
  • outside dimension with hooks
  • outside dimension without hooks
  • inside dimension of the shredder
  • inside shape of the shredder (hex, circular, square)
  • thickness of the blade
  • amount of the blades
What models of hook shredder blades do you offer?

We offer shredder blades in a wide range of different steels and hardness, in diameter from 100 up to 400 mm. Manufacturing blades from various steels we deliver the best solution according to customer requirements for each cutting application.

We manufacture and supply hook shredder blades for numerous machinery: Lindner, Eldan, MTB, Untha, Weima, Mewa, Precimeca, Wagner, Amni, Columbus McKinnon, Barclay, Granutech, BMH, Charles Lawrence, Gross, Mocco, Lindemann, IMRO, Artech, Komptech, Martin Yale, BHS, Metso, Erdwich, Zerma, Econogrind, Cumberland, Miller, TPA, Ulster, Dragon, and others.


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Hook shredder blades