Granulator Knives

At Mastercut we manufacture Granulator Knife Blades both fly and static for all types and sizes of Granulators.

To match granulator knives and blades performance with job demand we produce them with different hardness or bevel configuration. To withstand wear, plastic deformation, and corrosion of Granulator Blades and Knives various heat treatments could be performed. To ensure rust and abrasion resistance of knives special coating might be applied.

For corrosion resistant and long lasting Granulator Knife we use different steel grades:

Additionally we stock an extensive range of Granulator Knife models for all well known brands like CUMBERLAND, RAPID, ZERMA, BLACKFRIARS, CONAIR, DRAGON, EREMA, FALZONI, PALLMANN, SOREMA, VECOPLAN, POLYMER, LINDNER, GRIZZELY, ELDAN, HERBOLO, and more. Many of these Granulator Blades are in stock, available for immediate shipment. Please contact us to get information about required granulator knife.

At our facilities we also offer a professional grinding and sharpening of Granulator Knife Blades.