Q & A paper guillotine blades

Do paper guillotine blades manufactured of different steels chip the same?

Guillotine blades made of Standard steel usually start with very small not easily noticed chipping. It is possible to carry on using them but the outcome won’t be as sharp and clean as before. As a blunt blade begins to “push” paper instead of slicing it, this results in poor quality edges, tearing and shredding paper when cutting.

HSS steel blades are more resistant to chipping than blades made of standard steel. They might even cut through staples and lighter inclusions without being damaged.

Tungsten blades are more brittle, that is why when they chip off it is easy to spot. These blades cannot be used until the next sharpening service.

The frequency of sharpening depends upon the operational cycle, workload of the blades, and the blade material: High Speed Steel guillotine blades cut about twice as much paper as Standard Steel, while Tungsten Carbide blades might complete up to twenty times more cuts than HSS blades.


Do you sharpen all paper Guillotine Blades to the same higher angle?

 No. Guillotine blades must be sharp, and also sharp at the right angle. Higher angle sharpening must match the specified blade angle for the cutting machine model and cutting material density. If the pitch is too shallow or too steep, it can affect the cutting performance.

Blades with small angles require less cutting strength compared to blades with larger angles. However, blades with small angles cannot remain strong in hard and flexible cutting materials; they will bend or eventually wear out. There is a great article about requirements to paper guillotine blade sharpening.


What factors of a guillotine blade can affect its performance?

  •  Types of cutting paper

The most common cutting materials used in printing are paper, paperboard and cardboard. Such cutting materials are categorized as soft, normal and hard. If blades for soft and normal cutting materials are used on hard cutting materials they will quickly wear out and become blunt. The main reason for this is that hard cutting materials display great resistance during cutting.

  • Knife grinding angle

The grinding angles can be varied, depending on the material to be cut. Please discuss with us your requirements.

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