Wash Up Blades

The Wash Up Blades are vital tools when cleaning the oscillating rollers in the offset printing unit before an upcoming ink change. Traditionally considered as a machine part, the ink wash up blades have now developed into another press consumable item. These print finishing accessories requiring regular replacement by the press operator.

The wash up blades vary depending on the machine and installation environment. However, all of them have ground sharp and straight profiles, resulting in spotless performance. We offer wash up blades that meet demands for fast colour change, ensure a fast wash up, and ensure protect to the roller.


  • we supply ink wash-up blades in all lengths
  • our wash up blades are manufactured to strict OEM tolerances
  • wash up blades are offered in metal-rubber, plastic, and vulcollan
  • the blades are epecially designed to be long lasting and chemically resistant

Please phone us 01246 860811 or email at info@mastercut.co.uk to get your quote.

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