Stitching Wire

At MASTERCUT Stitching Wire is manufactured to the highest quality for use in bookbinding and print finishing applications. As a result, we provide high quality galvanised stitching wire to commercial printers, corrugated box manufactures, recyclers, and automotive companies.

MASTERCUT supplies Stitching Wire made from galvanised steel (soft or hard) or brass. Also. the wire might be optionally bronze, copper, or nylon coated.

At our company we offer stitching wire:

  • round section from 0.42mm to 1.2mm diameter
  • in a wide variety of flat sections
  • of 8 reels per box (2.5 kg reel)
  • bigger reels of wire (up to 100 kg reel) available

Please phone us 01246 860811 or email us if you would like to discuss your quote.

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