Perforating Wheels

We offer perforating solutions for packaging equipment, food packaging, perforated stationary, security printing, processing industries, and other applications. Our Perforating Wheels are manufactured from Plain Carbon Steel, D2 Tool Steel, or High Speed Steel.


  • We can supply almost any perforation pattern as well as plain slitting wheels and crush cutters that you may require
  • Our perforating wheels are available in all standard formats 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 TPI
  • Micro perforated edge wheels are available on request
  • Choice of bore size to suit your application
  • Optionally perforating wheels can be coated to further increase their life

Please contact us 01246 860 811 or email us at to enquire further. specify the inner and outer diameters, TPI, and numberĀ of slots required for your perforating wheel.

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