Magnetic clamp pads

Magnetic clamp pads help to spread the pressure of the paper cutter clamp.  As a result, during the cutting process, they prevent the damage of the paper stack from the marks caused by the guillotine clamp pressure.

Our company supplies Magnetic Clamp Pads that are:

  • made of durable 5 mm high-density foam pad that is laminated to 2 mm rubberised magnetic strip for affixing to the guillotine manufacturer´s clamp plate
  • provide the cushioning to the material being cut and protect top papers from the marks caused by the cutting
  • protect the guillotine blade
  • magnetic design allows easily affixing the pads to the clamp during the cutting process and attaching to the guillotine for use next time
  • 380 x 76mm dimensions and a thickness of 7mm
  • supplied in a pack of 2

If you would like to make an order or to get a quote please email us at or phone us on 01246 860811 or fill the enquiry form on the page.

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Magnetic Clamp Pads

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