Jogger Blocks

Jogger Blocks are used for accurate alignment of the paper stack. Protective magnetic edging strip inserted on the base protects operator and knife edge when changing the blade from box/board to machine mounting. This magnetic strip ensures good contact with the cutting table and that all sheets are jogged without slippage.

We offer Jogger Blocks that suit all types of guillotines from the small to the largest machines:

  • manufactured from a hard neoprene plastic
  • includes magnetic strip and rigid handle specially shaped to fit naturally in the operator’s hand
  • fitted with two types of handle and available in various sizes

1. Pole handle (90 degrees angle for good grip)
Available in sizes: 75 mm up to 200 mm

2. Euro handle
Available in sizes: 150 mm up to 650 mm

If you would like to order, please email us at or phone us 01246 860811.

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Jogger Blocks

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