Paper Guillotine Blades

Guillotine Blades and Trimmer Knives for the print industry are among our best-selling knives and blades. Therefore, we supply many different models of paper guillotine blades to OEM specifications. To see them all, please download our PDF catalogue of blades and knives for the print industry. 

What models of Guillotine Blades do you supply?

Among them are Ideal, Challenge, Dahle, Eba, Lawson, Perfecta, Schneider, Polar guillotine blades, and many more. We keep many models ready for immediate shipping. Therefore, you can be confident to get your order within the shortest lead-time in the market!

Can MASTERCUT manufacture custom designed replacement Guillotine Blades?

Yes, we manufacture guillotine blades from custom drawings and sketches in a range of steel grades:  • Standard Steel • 18% Tungsten HSS • Tungsten Carbide Tipped • High Carbon High Chrome (D-2). Depending on your application and cut material we may recommend you various coating and finish options.

Do you offer any Print Finishing Equipment?

Yes. We also offer Print Finishing Equipment: trimmer knives, cutting sticks, jogger blocks, stitching wire, magnetic clamp pads, perforating wheels, paper drills, and wash up blades. Please follow the link on this page to get more information.

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If you are looking for a paper cutting Guillotine Blade please send us an enquiry. On receipt of it, we will reply to you with our quote and estimated supply time.

At the company’s facilities, we offer Guillotine Blade Sharpening Service. Please follow the link to find out more. Also, watch our youtube video about what is happing during guillotine blade sharpening service on our workfloor.

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