Razor Blades and Stanley Knives

Razor Blades are supplied at MASTERCUT in various materials from Plain Carbon, Magnetic Stainless, Ceramic, and Tungsten Steels. To suit your application special coating can be applied to all our razor blades: Tin, Tian, or Ceramic. We also stock a global range of standard blade designs to suit all your cutting, shredding, slitting, and scraping needs.

MASTERCUT Razor Blades include various thickness and lengths, and fit all standard holders. If you are not sure which blade quality suits best to your requirements, our specialists would advise on the most suitable product for your use.

Main Plastic, Rubber, or Film applications include:

  • Plastic mouldings trimming
  • Rubber items scraping & trimming
  • Film – slitting
  • General DIY and general industrial day-to-day applications
  • Specially made – to suit specialist needs

Safety Knives one type of which is Stanley Knives, are cutting tools used for a variety of purposes. Designed to be lightweight and easy to carry and use, these knives are commonly used in different situations. The same as Razor Blades they have numerous application, however much more durable and safe to use.

Among main features of all of all MASTERCUT’s Safety Knives are:

  • Automatic blade retraction that provides an extra safety
  • Spring-loaded blade housed in an aluminium body
  • Safety lock

Among special features of Stanley type Knives are:

  • Heavy duty, Die-cast zinc body
  • Preloaded with high quality steel blades
  • Blade advance and release button
  • Blade reload chamber

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