Guillotine Shear Blade Sharpen and Re-grind

During the shearing process, the material is cut along the whole length. Blade sharpness is extremely important in order to achieve top quality cuts. A dull Guillotine Shear Blade has to penetrate material further before a clean fracture takes place.  If the blade loses its sharpness or gets small cracks at the edge then this leaves a less desirable cut.

At MASTERCUT we sharpen and re-grind Guillotine Shear Blade on Reform grinder on the company’s shop-floor. MASTERCUT’s team turn every blunt metal cutting blade to a new sharp edge.

However, often shear blade is badly chipped or has been re-ground for more than 1 mm of the original manufactured thickness. This  ‘width’ reduction causes difficulties in fitting blades. In those cases, we offer a new set of a replacement Guillotine Blade.


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