Paper Drills

We offer a wide range of Paper Drills, from 2.5 to 25mm in diameter to suit a large range of paper drill machines: Citoborma, Nagel, Nfpe, Kobold, Hang, Durslen, Pescha, Uchida, Concorde, Venus, Stago, Mercury and Foellmer. We also cover many none standard types, such as Iram, Soag, Challenge/Funditor, Lihit 52 and 80, Dexter Lawson, Cito-perforak and Multidriller. The diameter of the paper drill bits can be matched to the size of the required hole; and are suited for use on manual, semi-automatic, and automatic drilling machines including single and multi-headed drills.

Our Paper drills are manufactured from a specially developed alloy tool steel and can optionally be coated externally with Tungsten Carbide, Titanium or Teflon to both reduce friction and wear of the cutting edge, maintaining its sharpness for longer.

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You may also be interested in Print Finishing Equipment

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