Cutting Sticks

Cutting Sticks are used in guillotine paper cutters to protect the guillotine blade from hitting the metal thus increasing the blade life time. Depending upon the quality of the guillotine blade and frequency of the cutting process Cutting Sticks are supplied in two types of materials:

  • Red Cutting Sticks – Polyvinyl Chloride: ideally used with Standard and HCHC Steel knives guillotine blades and knives
  • Grey Cutting Sticks – Polypropylene Polystone: ideally used with HSS and Tungsten Carbide Tipped guillotine blades and knives

At MASTERCUT we stock a wide range of Cutting Sticks that suit to various makers and models of paper cutting guillotines: CORTA, EBA, IDEAL, POLAR, SCHNEIDER, VICTORY-KIDDER, WOHLENBERG and many others. Please contact us to get your personal quote.

There are very many variations of cutting sticks available, so when ordering, please advise your guillotines maker and model, plus the type of blade you are using as well as the overall length, width and thickness of the stick required. At MASTERCUT we are happy to simplify the choice and guarantee the quality of our Cutting Sticks.

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You may also be interested in Print Finishing Equipment

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