Plastic Recycling Blades and Knives

Matching operational machinery cutting blades with the processing material is one of the major factors determining efficient recycling processes. Considering these requirements for every cutting application specialists at Mastercut Cutting Systems Ltd manufacture special design and distribute popular models of industrial blades and knives for various plastic recycling machinery.

Among the company’s most popular plastic recycling products are Granulator Blades and Knives. A large range of both types of Granulator Knives stationary (dead) and rotating (fly) for various Granulator makes are offered by Mastercut Cutting Systems Ltd.

Granulators outcome granules can be reused in manufacturing new products or they go through the next stage of pelletizing. Mastercut Cutting Systems manufactures and distributes Pelletizer Knives and Blades with various sizes, different number of holes and slots for many machine makers and models. Manufactured by the company to CNC specifications Pelletizer Knives are often made of Stainless, Carbide, and Solid Steel, however the grade is always adjusted to suit any particular application requirements.

Other machines that are often used in plastic recycling are Industrial Shredders. MASTERCUT manufactures single shaft Shredder Blades to withstand demands of continuous operation in a wide range of applications in the plastic and rubber recycling industries. MASTERCUT’s Shredder Blades and Knives are always made of high quality materials, heat treated to exact specifications, vary in overall dimensions and hole sizes to suit specific customer requirements.

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