Metal Blades

MASTERCUT is a manufacturer of industrial Metal Cutting Blades and Knives: Guillotine Shear Blades, Scrap Shear Blades, Circular Knives, Mill Blades and any on request.  Knives for steel sheet cutting machines, manufacturing, and engineering equipment are among the most common requests from our customers.

The company also provides off-shelf models of steel cutting blades for different machinery: ADIRA, AKROS, BARNES, COSMO, BOSCO, CASANOVA, CINCINNATI, EDWARDS, ERMAKSAN, FROST, GASPARINI, GUIFIL, HACO, HARRIS, IMAL, LINDEMANN, MORGAN, OFFPLAN, PRATT, SAGITA, TAURUS, WKS, and for many more.

If you require any metal cutting blade, whether it is for a custom-made or standard industrial application contact MASTERCUT.